Nicolas Nami
Creative Motion Designer, VFX Artist, & Music Producer

A Recommended Motion Designer

I had the pleasure of having Nicolas on my post production team at Best of The Bay TV. Nicolas is an expert in music, graphic design & video production. I assigned the most demanding projects to Nicolas because he pushes the creative boundaries and challenges himself and the rest of the team to produce exciting and visually stunning designs. Nicolas worked on a variety of broadcast projects including, but not limited to, music production, video editing, visual effects, motion graphics and print design. He was also in charge of creating our style guide. Nicolas is always trying to improve his already impressive skill-set by continuing to learn the latest design techniques and his willingness to teach others on the team is truly inspiring. I would highly recommend Nicolas for any creative organization that is looking to hire the best talent in the industry.

Nicolas is an stellar individual as well as a creative and extremely professional solution provider for creating high quality, under budget and on-time delivery of creative video, graphics and web production. He delivered great quality videos that where used on VSS Partner Portal with a very quick turn around. I highly recommend his services.

I had a pleasure of working with Nicolas Nami on many projects before and looking forward to working with him again. I have worked with Nami on Graphic design, TV commercials, Video productions and website design projects. Clients and stake holder varied from Entertainment Industries, Beauty and Fashion, Communication, Information Technology, Retail and... Nicolas Nami is a unique individual with tremendous amount of creative talent. He is an amazing team player, motivator and innovator. I highly recommend him for any employer out there who craves creativity, talent, passion and professionalism.

Nicolas is a man of many talents: a great musician, video editor, Motion Graphics artist, a photographer, music video director and more. I have a lot of respect for him and his work. He always finds a way to create unique visual imagery. His skills in various disciplines allows him to be more effective in producing a product. for example, when he brings his knowledge of music to video editing when he is working on a music video makes the final results much more stronger. He is a bright man with a very bright future.

I had the upmost pleasure working with Nicolas on several production and post production projects. He's a true professional with a crazy talent for motion design, animation, and video production. I've witnessed him work all nighters to ensure client happiness. He puts his clients first which is a lesson I really took to heart after our time working together. Nicolas is someone who invested a good amount of time in me and showing me the ropes when I first started in the production business. His patience to help not only his clients but also his employees is a rare trait and very inspiring for me as I move on to grow my team. I highly highly recommend Nicolas as someone you can trust to not only carry out an artistic masterpiece of a video but also as someone you can trust to help grow your business.

Nami is a skilled motion graphics producer, accomplished designer, and talented musician. It was my pleasure to work with Nami while at ImageWorks Studio. Nami managed a variety of clients across a wide spectrum of advertising campaigns. Nami does his homework, knows the trends, and makes decisions based on educated views on the state of tech. It would be a pleasure to work with Nami again.

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