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The difficult task of telling a complex story in three minutes was done masterfully by his creative mind, and the final product was delivered in a timely manner. In addition, when we saw something we wanted to change, he was flexible and open to make those changes. He did an amazing job making our ideas become a visual reality!
— CityTeam
Nami is not only talented, but more importantly, passionate; living and breathing all things that let him utilize his creativity. When he’s not working, he is reading up on, discussing, and researching more on the industry to grow his knowledge even further. He is highly regarded in his line of work and on top of that, he is very personable, reliable and humble. As a Director of Talent Acquisition, I highly recommend Nami and his work as he would be an asset to any quality company that can utilize his expertise. Feel free to contact me on LinkedIn for a more detailed reference.
— Best of the Bay TV & Best of LA TV - NBC KRON4
I first hired Nicolas Nami to produce few songs and direct a music video for our band (Farez and Payam Kamyar Bands). He performed superior services. It is an honer for us to recommend a talent. He is responsible, compassionate about his work and creative.
— Faces Inc.
Nicolas is an stellar individual as well as a creative and extremely professional solution provider for creating high quality, under budget and on-time delivery of creative video, graphics and web production. He delivered great quality videos that where used on VSS Partner Portal with a very quick turn around. I highly recommend his services.
— VSS Monitoring

I’ve done graphic design for many reputable clients, and gained the experience of how to create a brand or rebrand an existing one. In photography, my professional career has been more focused on individual and group shots, however, creative photography has been my evolving passion. I’m always open to collaborate on artistic photography projects whether they are product, food, light painting, or long exposures.

About Nami Pictures
Nami Pictures is a complete motion design and visual imagery company located in Mission Viejo, California. From logos, print design, websites, visual effects, television spots, commercials, and even high tech training videos Nami pictures offers quality outcomes which consistently has been acknowledged by its clients. The company was founded in 2003, and operated under the name “Enventive LLC” staffed by its current team but later was renamed Nami Pictures. Today, Nami Pictures has the ability, knowledge and man power to take on any visually related project and produce great results due to its extensive skillful staff and affiliated freelancers.

Nicolas Nami
I'm just a curious kid from Iran where I always liked to play around with machines and figure out how things work.  As a kid, trying to figure out keyboards and organs while pushing buttons and experimenting with them everyday made me more interested in just music, but got me into sound design and sound engineering as well.

Moving to Virginia in 1992, as a teenager I became interested in motion graphics when my uncle gave me the opportunity to play on his fancy Amiga "Video Toaster 4000" with "Lightwave 1.0" loaded.  Since then, I started learning and figuring out softwares which I thought, I could make anything with to tell stories, and figure out new things.

In 1998, I had my first full time advertising agency job when I was attending collage full time as well.  When I graduated, I moved to California and started a design firm with my father while capitalizing on Real Estate and Loan company clients.  After the crash of housing bubble in 2008, I began working for other companies which were mostly owned by my old clients.  This gave me the chance to study various small company structures while building friendships with many people in the production industry and also build a great resume.  My daily motion graphics and video adventures have been challenging, educational and enjoyable.

In the evenings and weekends, I've been experimenting more with photography and learning how to create better mixes at my home studio while enjoying the beauty of the company of my daughter and my wonderful wife.

My philosophy is to give value to my clients first, and earn friendships. In life, my aspiration is to simply enjoy my life, family, and friends.

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