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Use Your CAD Files for Marketing

If you are an inventor using a computer-aided (CAD) software program such as:


You can export your project files and use them in Videos where they can be realistically or conceptually textured, described in detail by text call-outs, and get animated to show functionality. It is possible to create realistic-looking videos for not yet manufactured products when the final prototype files are available. Imagine them as the stars of your videos; they need to look great and attractive to your targeted audience. All this sounds great and exciting, but how are you going to do that?

If you look for a Maxon Cinema4D artist, the chances are pretty high that you are on your way to be able to show off your invention. Cinema4D artists often can animate, texture, render, and edit your products into attractive web, TV, or even film. Here is a list of acceptable 3D files which C4D artists can open and work with:

  • 3D Studio .3ds (R/W)

  • Alembic (R/W)

  • Biovision .bvh (R)

  • Collada .dae (R/W)

  • DEM (R)

  • DXF (R/W)

  • DWG (R)

  • Direct 3D .x (W)

  • FBX (R/W)

  • IGES* (R)

  • LightWave 3D .lws .lwo (R)

  • RIB (W)

  • SketchUp .skp (R)

  • STL (R/W)

  • VRML2 .wrl (R/W)

  • Wavefront .obj (R/W)

If none of these formats are available in your program, you can always discuss formatting choices with your animator and decide the best solution.

You might say that your program already gives you a rendering of some sort for presentations. That is common for most CAD programs. Nevertheless, when using C4D, you can employ advanced physical rendering engines to take the appearance of your product to a more commercial and charming level. Here is a list of the physical rendering engines available for Cinema4D:

These are all tools that allow artists to make images look great. However, you still can have all the great tools in the world and still produce indistinct and ineffective images. The results can still look fake.

Here are 5 reasons why your 3D renders look fake.

It is here in the story when the skills of the C4D artists that you come in contact with become essential to your success. After all, how great your product looks and presents is crucial for your ultimate gain.