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The 3P's of Business Success & Effective Videos

Let's talk about videos that help you communicate the essence of your business quickly and effectively with your target audience. If you find yourself clueless as to what subjects to make videos about then this article is for you.

Have you heard of the 3P's of approach to quality? 

It's short for:


Marcus Anthony Lemonis, who is a Lebanese-born American businessman, television personality, philanthropist and politician, explains it in his CNBC show. He often assures that tightening the 3P's of your company are essential to the success of any business. If you present yourself through these three main categories, you would be effectively displaying the best parts of your business. The more familiar your audience is with you, the better connected you will be with your customers. 

How to make videos about people in your company?

Tell your founders, staff, and customers stories through video. People do business with people that they like before anyone else. They would like to know if they relate to your values and standards. If you communicate this correctly, you can accommodate them to evaluate your trustability. Here are some of the categories of videos which you can promote your exceptional people.

Company Culture
Company Staff Overviews
Company Staff Updates
Company Timeline
Customer Testimonials

These are only a few smart ways to showcase different personalities at your establishment and share your success stories through video.

How to go about making videos of your process?

You can easily communicate to your audience, some or every step that you go through to create your product. Depict the journey, passion, and love that you and your company have for your profession. Social Media quick updates about anything related is a fantastic reminder to refresh everyone's memories about your process in turn, engaging them with your company and doing business with you. These types of videos are also great ways to establish yourself as the go-to professional who has an extensive background regarding the service or product that someone needs. Here are some categories of Process Videos:

Company Process Videos
Development and Progression
Various every day Adventures


These types of videos are the most famous recordings you can find in the commercial world. With product videos, you can expose your audience with features, benefits, and strengths of your product(s) over your competition. Tutorial videos are an excellent way to familiarize everyone on how to use your product. Some product video categories include:

Product Videos
Social Media Quick Updates
Training Demos

If you are having a tough time putting great looking videos in front of your target audience, hire a qualified corporate and product video professional to do the job. There are many resources around for full video productions. You can also employ many skillful freelancers and contractor friends to help you have a significant presence in your market. Try to incorporate more videos, product demos, company culture videos, company process films for either social media outlets, tv broadcasts, or experience marketing pieces for showrooms and observe the increase of your ROI. Here are some categories of videos in which you can depict your 3P's:

2D Motion Graphics Animation
3D Animations
Digital Video based packages
Hybrid Animations
Interactive Videos
Kinetic Typography Animations
Motion Graphics mixed with Recorded Video

No matter what business you are in, making money is all about the 3P's of success and depicting what you are all about through video is one of the best ways of communication.