Nicolas Nami
Creative Motion Designer, VFX Artist, & Music Producer


Motion Graphics, Branding, Graphic design, 2d and 3D animation, Photography, corporate videos, talking heads, CAD animations, CG cars, motion design, Sound Design, freelance, c4d, after effects, maxon, Mixing by Nami Pictures of Orange County, CA

2D Animation, 3D Animation, 3D Product Demos, Logo Animation, Motion Design, Motion Graphics, Motion Tracking, Video Editing, Video Effects, Virtual Sets, Visual Effects, VFX

Use Your CAD Files for Marketing

You can export your project files and use them in Videos where they can be realistically or conceptually textured, described in detail by text call-outs, and get animated to show functionality. It is possible to create realistic-looking videos for not yet manufactured products when the final prototype files are available. Imagine them as the stars of your videos; they need to look great and attractive to your targeted audience.

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Facebook 3D Photos using C4D & Octane

If you are a 3D modeler, motion designer, or any type of a VFX artist, you have probably wondered how you can convert your renders into Facebook 3D images. I’m talking about the ones that give you a sense of depth when you scroll on your devices or your computer browsers. In this quick and easy tutorial I will explain how to render out a beauty pass and a depth pass using Maxon’s Cinema4D, rendering a depth pass using Otoy’s Octane render, inverting it in photoshop, convert it into a facebook 3D photo, and finally upload it on your iPhone by transferring it over using the dropbox app.

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