Nicolas Nami
Creative Motion Designer, VFX Artist, & Music Producer

Copy of Experienced graphic designer, animator, video director, lighting, editing, and post production

A brand starts with a great name, a logo that follows the ARMM rules, clear and visible typographic system, and font family.  Every entrepreneur need creative and memorable business cards, well crafted and designed stationary, optimized, and seo friendly website, and other high end prints.  In 2017 every company needs videos that show their overview, company culture video, products, training and tutorials, social media video, video updates, and process videos to communicate their message.  People love working with people.


Nicolas Nami

Motion Designer / Creative Director (Orange County, CA)

So far, it has been 20+ years of experience in branding, web and broadcast TV industries.  I graduated in 2002 in Art and Visual Technology from George Mason University. Previously, I have worked on numerous projects for companies such as Nasdaq, Griffin Capital, Toyota, and Tesla to name a few.  My skills range from graphic design, motion graphics, photography, videography, and also sound design.


Why am I a motion designer?

Since I have discovered that I can combine my graphic design, photography, video, lighting, directing, animating, producing and sound skills into one harmonious medium called motion design, I’ve realized that I can create successful commercial videos and motion projects through organizing and simplifying information. This could help many companies and individuals with their goals. This gives me a world of joy.

What do I believe motion design does in the world?

Motion Design can make the world a better place by demonstrating interesting or complex information in a short amount of time.  It saves time and money by making information easier to understand.  It is displayed with projectors and screens which don’t involve chopping down trees and printing on them.  It is exciting and imaginative and can inspire people.  It is a medium that really pushes the boundaries of visual storytelling by utilizing various techniques.  Since it is one of the most experimental forms of animation, when executed well, it suggests a beautiful world that is yet to be explored.

What is the thing that makes me weird?

I’m extremely OCD when it comes to composition, colors, shapes and details of objects on a canvas.  Since I find balance in life even when it is chaotic, I believe everything in art should communicate a message the same way.

Why would someone hire me rather than someone else?

I’m extremely quick in delivering results.  The amount of revisions depend absolutely on clients and it depends on how close design tastes are.  I think my pieces are simple and extremely easy to comprehend.  I’m organized when I create my projects and follow a well refined process and format whether it is a simple flat logo, or a complex vfx shot that involves complex problem solving.  I believe healthy teamwork can also make projects better and more effective, and at the end there is always something to learn


Motion Design

I specialize in corporate motion design videos.  Anything from charts to 3d product demonstrations, I can create it for you.  When working with me you have the choice of going with a stylistic infographic video in 2D based on your brand's rules and guidelines.  You can also go with a 3D animation with all the bells and whistles.  I can create 2D or 3D maps to demonstrate your goal in your corporate videos.

Adobe After Effects, Premier, Da Vinci Resolve, Cinema 4D and Octane Render Engine are the main softwares that I work with.  Taking your products, modeling them in 3D, lighting them, and adding beautiful camera movements to demonstrate their features is what I do best.  I also accept CAD files of your products, and can show them off in motion design pieces with many cool tricks that I have up my sleeves.  Not to forget that I also specialize in creating visuals for trade-shows, creating unique experiences for your audience.

Film & Video

Every brand is in need of 6 types of videos:

• Company Overviews
• Company Culture Teasers
• Product Videos
• Training Demos
• Social Media Quick Updates
• Company Process Videos

I can offer you full video productions with the help of many skillful freelancer and contractor friends which I've worked with over the years.  I've come across many talented individuals over the past 25 years.  Together as a team we can offer you a lot; including corporate videos, product demos, company culture videos, company process films for either social media outlets, tv broadcasts, or experience marketing pieces for showrooms.

You can choose either from a Digital DSLR based package to a motion picture ready 5K size production.  Nowadays, videography with Drones are becoming more popular.  Ask me for a special Drone Package, and wow your audience.


I love the world of photography, and even use it to create motion designs and videos regularly.  As the great Elliot Erwitt, a legendary documentary photographer once said, "To me, photography is an art of observation. It's about finding something interesting in an ordinary place... I've found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them." Photography is the foundation of everything I do.

Whether you need awesome photos of your corporate events or parties, or you need eye catching perfectly lit photos of your products, I have it covered.  I can provide you with RAW images or color correct, retouch, or do advanced compositing for you.

CG Renderings

I offer 3D modeling and rendering of your products from scratch, or if you already have your product modeled in engineering software such as CAD, just simply send me your files, and I will provide you with perfect lit images and renderings of your products which you can use on your print or digital media.

Here are the list of file types which I can accept:

3D Studio .3ds, Alembic, Biovision .bvh, Collada .dae, DEM, DXF, DWG, Direct 3D, FBX, IGES, LightWave 3D .lws .lwo, RIB, SketchUp .skp, STL, VRML2 .wrl, Wavefront .obj


As long as I can remember, composing, arranging, sound design and producing have been my obsessions. If you are Persian, you have probably heard some of my songs over the years since I have released over 80 of them.  I am one of the pioneers of EDM and Trance music of Iran.  You can check out my four EP’s, singles and remixes on iTunes, Soundcloud or iTunes.  Over the years, I’ve collaborated with legends like Dave Kershenbaum, and Stuart Smith.  I’ve also worked on the music for a documentary by James Hanlon which won best film at New York film festival.