Nicolas Nami
Creative Motion Designer, VFX Artist, & Music Producer
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Financial Sector


Financial Sector Sizzle Reel

As a right-brained motion designer, it is challenging and exciting to work with left-brained people. Thanks to the privilege of working with many companies in the financial and investment industry, I’ve adapt myself to think with both left and right side of my brain and enjoy the heck out of creating content for this exciting industry. This is a quick sizzle reel of some of the work I’ve done over the years.




Nasdaq: Revitalize Markets

The content provided was an already recorded video with a lot of complex investment information about the stock exchange industry. It needed a boost with visuals to help understand the message. The solution promoted metaphoric artworks with bold animations and colorful compositions. Additionally, The video was cut down for the social media audience.


Asset Marketing: Client Smart

The challenge was to interview conference attendees to speak about what client smart is. In a setting of a hotel lobby and conference rooms around the ballroom areas, I’ve had the chance light backgrounds, and interviewees in a short amount of time. The results were played at the same event, and it gave a collective insight to everyone about the subject.

Credits: Camera and Audio by Patrick Ellison


Nasdaq: End of Year Video

The challenge was to put together a selection of IPO events which happened throughout the year, and cut them together with info-graphic information about the market related to the Nasdaq Stock Exchange. The song was custom written, videos and graphics were created and delivered in a short amount of time, exceeding client’s expectation.