Nicolas Nami
Creative Motion Designer, VFX Artist, & Music Producer

Why hire expensive over-priced brand agencies when you can hire one of their key freelance artists

Nami Pictures is an south oc branding agency. We've branded hundreds of businesses and designed for Atmel, Campbell's, Century 21, Chrysler, Cisco, Contest Factory, Del Monte, ESI, Gold's Gym, Greenberg, Griffin Capital, Honda, Jelly Belly, Jiffy Lube, JVC, Lufthansa, MavenLink, NASA, Net10, Nitto, Phillips, Q-See, Remax, Sherbit, Snoop Dogg, Spinifex, SuperMicro, Taco Bell, Tesla, Truvia, Viviscal, VSS Monitoring, Workday.

Client List & Projects

4th Dimension, Various Promotional Campaigns, 2005-2008

AAA, “City Animation”, for Merit /Andrew, 2016

AIM Dealer, “Quick Tips, and Motion Design”, 2017

American Museum of Natural History, “Whale Scene Animation”, 2018

Ampware, “Crankcase”, 2015

Asset Marketing, “Client Smart Video Series, Texas Edition”, 2017

Avang Group, Various Music Videos and TV Spots, 2000-2008

Binary Pulse, Various Projects, 2018

Blackberry, “Blackberry 2018 Reveal”, 2018

Blackberry, “Blackberry Key LE – An Icon for All”, 2018

Boeing, “2016 Enent Visuals”, for Merit/Andrew, 2016

Boeing, “2017 Event Visuals”, for Merit/Andrew, 2017

Bosch, “Steam Oven”, for Merit/Andrew, 2017

Card Ready West, Collateral, 2004

Century 21, “Experience need not be expensive” Brochures, 2003

CityTeam, “Same Mission, Bigger Neighborhood, CityTeam International, New Look”, 2012

Dean Houston, “Dover, All Systems Growth”, 2017

Del Monte Foods, “Opening logo and Graphics” for Greenberg, 2012

Dewalt, “Flex Volt”, 2016

George Fischer, “Stressless Pipe and Valve”, 2018

Glory Fights, Brand ID, and TV Spot, 2015

George Fischer, “Introducing the Co-Pilot”, 2018

Griffin Capital, “GMZ”, 2016

Griffin Capital, “20th year Opening logo”, 2015

Griffin Capital, “AMEX building”, 2017

Griffin Capital, “Animated Logos”, 2016

Griffin Capital, “End of Year Video”,2015

Griffin Capital, “FEDEX Hub”, 2017

Griffin Capital, “GCEARII Video”, 2015

Griffin Capital, “GIREX Product Offer”, 2015

Griffin Capital, “Infographics”, 2015

Griffin Capital, “IVS, Restoration Hardware”, 2015

Griffin Capital, “Market Commentary”, 2015

Griffin Capital, “Market Commentary”, 2016

Griffin Capital, “MGM Grand”, 2017

Griffin Capital, “Morpho Detection”, 2017

Hitachi, “AAPEX 2016 Visuals”, 2016

Honda, “Dream Cannon” for Spinifex Group, 2016

Honda, “Honda HRV Volumetric Display” for Spinifex Group, 2016

Honda, “Honda TV Lobby Design Package” for Spinifex Group, 2015

Hype, US TV Ads, 2005

John Deere, “Three Solutions” for Creative Commotion, 2016

John Kerwin Show, “Show Opener”, 2015

Jungle Care, Website Design, 2003

Leitner Design, “Chevy Colorado”, 2016

Linksys, “Dual Band Router Motion Graphics” for Merit/Andrew, 2016

Loan America, Brand ID, Collateral, TV Spots, 2003

Mario Armstrong Media, “Mario Armstrong’s Never Settle Show”, Broadcast Graphics Package, 2017 - 2018

Nasdaq Projects, 2017-Present

Adobe Max 2018, Airbnb, Cloud Report, Cultural Capital Broadcast Package, and Real Real Episode, Facebook Live Open, Nasdaq Spotlight, Regulatory infographics with John Zecca, Revitalize Infographics with Nelson Griggs, Rewrite Tomorrow End-tag Animation, Slack Sizzle, Social Geek out Broadcast Package, The Never Settle Show Broadcast, Tomorrows Capital Graphics, Upwork Milestones Animation, Veterans Day Broadcast Graphics Package, Wework

Nasdaq Initial Public Offering Tower Animations

111 Inc., 360 Finance, AB Brand, Allogene, AMAL, Arco, Aurora Mobile Limited Jiguagng, AVNET, BankOZK, Bilibili, Biomi, Carbon Black, Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake Day, Columbia Financial Inc., CPI Construction Partners, CTrip, Docusign, Domo, Dropbox, E.W. Scripps, EdTechX, Evo Payments, Extended Stay, Focus Financial, ForeScout, Funko, Goosehead, Greensky, Guardant Health, IBEX, Intuit, IQIYI, LovSac, Moderna, MongoDB, MorphoSys, Nasa, National Vision, Newell, NIU, nLight, Opera, PDD Pinduoduo Inc., Pepsi Co., Pintec, PluralSight, Principal, Qualtircs, Quotatao, QVC, Red Nose, Redfin, Rubios Therapeutics, Sonos, Stich Fix, Stone, Survey Monkey, Tenable, Tuanche, United Airlines, Upwork, Uxin, WD40, Weightwatchers, Xcel Energy, zScaler

MazaheriSkin Care System”, 2004

MDtrans, “Brand ID & Collateral”, 2004

Merck, “Explainer Video”, 2017

Move Mania, Louie, “Away”, 2005

Nitto Tires, “Formula Drift Ad”, 2010

NYLA Magazine, Covers & Layouts, 2005

OptimaTax, “Entdtag, and Transitions for TV Ads” for Creative Commotion, 2016

P&A Surgical Center Inc. Brand ID & Collateral, 2003

Pacific Communications, “Improved injection comfort”, 2018

Pars Video, Various Music Videos, and TV Spots

PBC Tapesh, Various Magazine Covers, Posters, and Cover designs, 2004

Phillips Performance, ID, website, and “the lil devils” campaign, 2017

Phillips, “SBD8100 Walmart Ad”, 2011

PIKLON, “Popwhore: A New American Dream” Documentary Directed by James Hanlon, 2007

Pursuit Fitness, “Pitch Pilot”, 2019

Ramin Akhavan, ID & Collateral, 2004

Realthy America Group, ID, 2003

Sabet Brands, “Art Show Recap”, 2015

DigiPulse, “Wellness by Design Chair Modeling”, 2016

Shark, “Meet the Shark ION Flex Duo Clean Cordless” for Creative Commotion, 2017

Sherbit, “Your Data”, 2014

Spinifex, “FCA Visuals”, 2016

Star Musician, “Mic Check”, 2011

Strike-Out Championships, Brand ID, and TV Spot, 2015

Stuart Weitzman, Showroom Design, 2018

Taraneh Enterprises, Various Music Videos and TV Spots, 2003-2018

Terra Maxima, Complements of Lufthansa Airlines, Inflight Health & Wellness Program Brochure, 2004

TCL, Sizzle Reel, 2019

Tesla, “Energy Wall” for Spinifex Group, 2015

Top Notch Fitness, Brand ID Animation, and Fitness Center 2019 Teazers, 2019

Toyota, “CES 2016” for Spinifex Group, 2016

Transform Our World, “Canopy pf Prayer”, 2010

Truvia, “Grocery Store Taste Check” for Greenberg, 2011

Value Home Loan, “Dog House”, 2004

Value Home Loan, “Money is an Issue”, 2004

Variable Labs, “VR Interface Demo”, 2018

Veritone, “Homepage Banner Animations”, 2017

Workday, “Welcome to Workday”, 2014